Summer scholarship – Superfoods to enhance Greenshell mussel spat resilience
Cawthron Institute
4d ago

Job Description

We have an exciting opportunity for seven tertiary students to work with Cawthron scientists over the 2022-23 summer. Students will undertake fieldwork, analysis, and learn what it means to work as a professional scientist.

There are seven scholarships available and each is accompanied by a NZ$6,000 stipend :

  • Sir Theodore Rigg scholarship undergraduate student.
  • Kathleen Curtis scholarship female undergraduate student.
  • Te Pītau Whakarei Karahipi Maori undergraduate students, offered in partnership with Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga.
  • Emerging Scientist undergraduate student.
  • Emerging Scientist undergraduate student.
  • Emerging Scientist undergraduate student.
  • Emerging Scientist undergraduate student.
  • Eligibility to apply :

  • New Zealand citizen or resident.
  • Enrolled at a New Zealand Tertiary institution.
  • Student who has completed their first year of study at the time of application.
  • For the Te Pītau Whakarei Karahipi, must be of Māori descent.
  • Details :

  • The student will be employed by Cawthron for 10 weeks, with a preferred commencement in early-November 2022.
  • The student will be engaged in a research project that supports their field of study.
  • A presentation or report will be produced by the student.
  • The student will be profiled by Cawthron as a recipient of a funded scholarship.
  • A grant of $6,000 paid to the student.
  • Students will need to find their own accommodation, though assistance will be provided to do this if needed.
  • Research is part of a project that is already scheduled to occur during the time student is present at Cawthron.
  • Other costs absorbed by Cawthron (e.g. desk, travel, field work, laboratory costs) as part of project budget.
  • The student will reflect a professional attitude.
  • The student will be treated within Cawthron in the same way as other guest workers / interns / research assistants.
  • All applications must include :

  • The project that you wish to be considered for (see below).
  • Cover letter.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Letter of support / reference from lecturer or tutor.
  • Academic transcript with GPA.
  • If you wish to be considered for the Te Pītau Whakarei Karahipi, please provide Iwi affiliation.

    Desired Skills and Experience

    Project Title : Superfoods to Enhance GreenshellTM Mussel Spat Resilience : Fact or Fiction?

    Superfoods are claimed to confer health benefits to the consumer. Currently, there is a variety of superfoods on the market, with some already being tested as part of feed preparation for aquaculture species.

    At the same time, research has shown that treating (i.e., bathing) marine invertebrates with a solution containing a superfood extract or powder for a short time (i.

    e., couple of hours), results in individuals that are more tolerant to stress and disease.

    For this project, the student will test the use of several superfood powders to increase mussel juveniles (also known as spat) resilience against stressors such as heat stress and air exposure.

    The different products to test will cover a range of imported and New Zealand native superfoods. The student will learn to handle small and delicate mussel spat, learning about their biology and behaviour while carrying out the project.

    The student will also engage with mussel industry partners as they will provide the mussel spat for the proposed research.

    The student will work with researchers from the Aquaculture Group and will also engage with external colleagues at the University of Auckland who had previously collaborated with Cawthron in this research.

    The work will be carried out at the Cawthron Aquaculture Park.

    Student requirements

  • The following academic subjects would be useful : Biology or Invertebrate Biology, Animal Physiology, Ecophysiology, Ecology.
  • Skills in planning, setting-up and developing the project, including sampling, data collection, analysis, and interpretation.
  • Well organised, responsible, independent, committed and passionate about the project.
  • Able to work well by him / herself or as part of a team.
  • Due to the nature of the project, handling delicate equipment will be necessary and therefore a careful and detail orientated person would be ideal.
  • Driving licence required, own transport preferred.
  • Please APPLY by 5pm Monday 15 August 2022

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